A periodic HSW (Health and Safety at Work) training session for the administrative employee


Are you an administrative employee and would like to praticipate in periodic training? We would like to invite you to the training course, during which you will learn the principles of ergonomics at the workstation equipped with monitor displays, the provisions related to health and safety at work, you will learn how to act in case of accident and an occupational disease, as well as how to provide first aid and how to behave during a fire.

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Subject of training

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1 Selected labour law regulations regarding occupational health and safety, including:

– the rights and obligations of employees and employers in the field of HSW and liability for violation of the HSW rules and principles,

– protection of women and minors,

– preventive health care for employees,

– accidents at work and occupational diseases, as well as the benefits associated with them.

2 Procedures for the assessment of risk resulting from factors present in the work processes and regarding the methods of protection against threats to life and health of employees.



3 Issues related to the organization of office workstations, with particular emphasis on the principles of ergonomics, including workstations equipped with monitor displays and other office equipment.



4 Procedures in case of an accident at work and in emergency situations (e.g. fire, failure), including the principles of providing first aid in the event of an accident.



Overall: guided self-study 8


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